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About Silke Glaab

Silke is a Psychologist, who coaches professionals to RESET their MINDSET by uncovering the true reasons for their behavior, thoughts and feelings. She has helped dozens of executives, experts and entrepreneurs to get unstuck, change their habits and reach maximum success using her background in behavioral psychology.  

All her programs are built on 3 pillars: Strength, Skill & SuccessThese pillars acknowledge that everyone is on their own life journey - and give them the right interventions to move forward quickly and sustainably.

Silke trained with a broad range of international experts like the world-renowned therapist Marisa Peer (Rapid Transformation Therapy Practitioner®) and Prof. Dr. Justin Kennedy (Applied Neuroscience Coaching). 

She is a recognized Member of Forbes Coaches Council and a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner. 

She is featured on several podcasts like CEO Podcast, Business Infrastructure, Rebelpreneur Podcast, Business Innovators Podcast, The Strong Man Podcast, Moving Forward Leadership and the Human Impact Podcast.

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ELEVATE INTENSIVE Coaching sets you on the fast track to your mental strength and well-being.

In only 4 sessions Silke will provide you with proven therapy tools All In One: Cognitive Therapy, Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness and Trauma Work, exactly what YOU need to go from powerless to powerful.

The purpose of this personal coaching program is to help individuals develop beneficial beliefs and habits which will serve them long-term.

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From Stress To Strength


All high-performers and high-achievers understand that mental strength starts with regulating stress.

In the FREE Masterclass "Reprogram Stress Into Well-Being" you will learn everything about the physical and psychological side of stress and how to make your neurons fit.

As a bonus you experience Silke at a personal ELEVATE INTENSIVE session.

Access Your Strength, Skills & Success

Access Your Strength and Skill!

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Silke Glaab, Knowledge Village Park, P.O. Box 502221, Dubai, United Arab Emirates