Silke Glaab (aka >>SilkCelia) is a psychologist (MA) who guides executives, experts, and entrepreneurs to unlock their true potential, enhance their performance, and create the SUCCESS and HAPPINESS they want.


But right now, you’re stressed, lost and totally unhappy.

Maybe you’re stuck in your career/business and you just know you’re wasting your true talent.

Maybe you've hit a barrier and you are not able to heighten or sustain your current level of performance in business/career/sport.

Maybe money is coming in, but never enough to invest in your dreams or to have the freedom from worry of life.

Maybe you're feeling that you're not lovable to have a lasting and loving relationship.

Maybe you and your partner aren't getting along the way you used to and the zest is long gone.

Or you fear to be truly seen and heard.

Trust me, it truly doesn’t matter what your current circumstances are, or how much your feelings and habits are holding you back. 
USE the FREE resources as a starting point to question, debate, and reflect your current thoughts and situation...

Worksheet: Professional Leadership

Being a great leader to your employees doesn’t just help them. It helps you, too. A great leader knows about the SOCIAL BRAIN. A great leader is able to create an environment free from social threats, influence others and encourage pro-social behavior. 

Answer the questions  in the worksheet to gain a better perspective of your situation.

Guideline: Busy Leaders

For many working adults, the most difficult thing about meditation can be fining the time to squeeze a session into your busy schedule.

Try these 3 techniques which can make meditation convenient and relaxing.

Workbook: Life Check Alert

Having a Life Plan brings focus and determination to your life. After all, if you’re looking at your Life Plan occasionally, you’ll be more likely to follow through with your plans and achieve life goals. 

Use this workbook to write your own Life Plan. When you see this plan clearly laid out before you, you’l


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