Silke Glaab (aka >>SilkCelia) is a Rapid Transformation Coach for Executives and Entrepreneurs to Make Profound Personal & Professional Changes in 4 hours by using super learning tools like Hypnotherapy, Systemic Work and Theta Healing.

You (Behavior, Mind, Personality). Elevated.

You want to reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in your life. To feel purposeful and fulfilled in your life. And get more balance in your career and life. You want exponential success which stands out.

You can be more authentic, powerful and create global impact.

Trust me, it truly doesn’t matter what your current circumstances are, or how much your feelings and habits are holding you back.

USE the FREE resources as a starting point to question, debate, and reflect your current thoughts and situation...

Factsheet: Mental Health

Mental health is part of our overall, general health, the same as dental health or heart health.

On social media a new discussion of mental health has started. Read the fact sheet to join the debate.

Workbook: Gratitude

Studies show that practicing gratitude on a regular basis can raise your mood and also boost your self-esteem, will power, long term health, and even your level of success in life!

Beat the blues with these practices to help you develop your sense of gratitude:

Workbook: Life Lessons To Elevate

Going through life with the same level of understanding ensures that you’ll face the same challenges over and over.

Life can be easy, though, if you learn a little each day and apply it. gratitude:

Worksheet: Professional Leadership

Being a great leader to your employees doesn’t just help them. It helps you, too. A great leader knows about the SOCIAL BRAIN. A great leader is able to create an environment free from social threats, influence others and encourage pro-social behavior. 

Answer the questions  in the worksheet to gain a better perspective of your situation.

Guideline: Busy Leaders

For many working adults, the most difficult thing about meditation can be fining the time to squeeze a session into your busy schedule.

Try these 3 techniques which can make meditation convenient and relaxing.

Workbook: Life Check Alert

Having a Life Plan brings focus and determination to your life. After all, if you’re looking at your Life Plan occasionally, you’ll be more likely to follow through with your plans and achieve life goals. 

Use this workbook to write your own Life Plan. When you see this plan clearly laid out before you, you’l