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Do You Have These Stress & Burnout Symptoms?

Burn-out is according to the World Health Organization (WHO) resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. It is characterized by feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion; increased mental distance from one’s job, and reduced professional efficacy.

However, there are other not work related stress factors like major life transition or loss in life (e.g. loss of a loved one, job/business etc.) that can cause similar symptoms. Stress that is not managed can lead to depression and anxiety.


This brief self assessment may help you to seek help.

I feel tired or sluggish much of the time.

IMAGINE escaping the fog in your head, the viscious circle of negative thoughts, feelings like helpless, powerless or inner emptiness and your destructive habits.

IMAGINE regaining your power and control so that you can bring your work and life to an elevated and balanced level. Your creativity and self-confidence rising up.

You maybe thinking... I should be able to handle things on my own, I tried therapy before but it didn’t work for me, I’ll never get better, and Yes, I want support, but how could I transform in 4 sessions only?


ELEVATE INTENSIVE is a profound coaching program designed to set you on the fast track to your well-being and balanced work life. With a guaranteed burnout recovery rate Elevate Intensive provides you with proven therapy tools All In One: Cognitive Therapy, Behavior Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Stress Reduction.

Exactly what YOU need for overcoming burnout and anxiety. Go from Powerless to Powerful.

I will guide you through three stages to come out of your current state and regain your power, confidence and focus by uncovering the deeper roots of your feelings, thoughts and behavior.

SilkCelia_Mental Disorder


In the first session we get an overview of your current life programme and its components. 



In the second and third session we crack the code that causes your limiting beliefs and feelings. Then we re-programme it with new supportive instructions and values.

SilkCelia_Positive Thinking


In the fourth session your energy, power and vitality will be uploaded to act again successfully. 

Your Value


The sessions happen at your most convenient place and time online (via a secured telehealth link) - strictly confidential.

Online-Support between sessions.

Individualized recordings for your subconscious reprogramming.

• Only a few sessions are necessary (average 4 sessions).

 Attention on your specific problem without dozens of therapy sessions.

•  My commitment: I only work with people if  can make a significant change!

Want Proof That Elevate Intensive Works?


Dr. Natalia Wiechowski - Forbes Coaches Council

Silk profoundly helped me to overcome my limiting beliefs and accelerate my growth. After working with her, more and more high-end clients and better business opportunities entered my life.

Personal Branding Expert / Think Natalia


Ed Andrew

Silk is an expert in her field of psychology, NLP and RTT. I can honestly say that Silk helped me to identify the blocks quickly and release them.

Career Training Expert, Founder the Human Consultancy


Jennifer Schmidt-Rüdt - Magic Victoria

Silk is just phenomenal! You will experience pure transformation and you will learn in one hour more about your life and the patterns in your life then in attending school for 13 years.

Welcome in the world of magic / Professional Magician / Author


Walid Dabbagh

Silk managed to dig deep into my subconscious and build new beliefs to empower me to accept abundance, learn how to forgive myself and others and take command of my life goals. 

Enterprise Risk Management, Internal & External Audits

Astrid Ellis

Astrid Ellis

I approached Silk to find out what's holding me back. During the session I could feel how energy was shifting and things were changing. Afterwards I felt so much lighter as if a burden was removed. Just a few days later it was obvious that the blockage was removed; success was knocking at my door again on several occasions.

Business Builder and Serial Entrepreneur


Daniel Lexander

Working with Silk showed me that there is power in understanding your subconscious. Knowing that situations have influenced me on an unconscious level in the past gave me insights into why I am making certain decisions now. Understanding and knowing at the first steps to deliberate change. Let SilkCelia guide you on your way to your best self.


Silke Glaab

The Coaching Psychologist


Live Your Life with meaning, purpose and significance.

Silke is a Psychologist, who coaches you to RESET YOUR MINDSET by uncovering the true reasons of your behavior, thoughts and feelings, so that you get unstuck, change your habits and reach maximum success in 4 sessions. 

She has an over 15-years career in counselling and coaching. She trained with a broad range of international experts like the world-renowned therapist Marisa Peer (Rapid Transformation Therapy Practitioner®) and Prof. Dr. Justin Kennedy (Applied Neuroscience Coaching).

She is featured on several podcasts like CEO Podcast, Business Infrastructure, Rebelpreneur Podcast, Business Innovators Podcast, The Strong Man Podcast, Moving Forward Leadership and the Human Impact Podcast.

She is an official Member of Forbes Coaches Council.

People often delay to get help for their burnout or anxiety, because they think they can handle it without treatment, or they don't want to spend much time on therapy sessions , or they don’t know where to get fast burnout and anxiety relief.

Now It's Your Decision

You have three options:


  1. You can stay powerless and helpless in your current situation and endure the pain until it’s gone or becomes worse. No good idea.
  2. You can go to a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist. This is recommended for people who also physically suffer from stress related symptoms (like problems of sleep, appetite, fatigue) or who have suicidal thoughts and need medication and therapy.
  3. You can join ELEVATE INTENSIVE Coaching to rebalance your brain, mind and body in 4 sessions so that your self-confidence and well-being comes back. This coaching targets the psychological side of your mental state that is often the most important obstacle in burnout recovery and anxiety relief.
    If the coaching does not result in any positive change for you, you'll receive your money back.


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Regression therapy is an approach to treatment that focuses on resolving significant past events believed to be interfering with a person's present mental and emotional wellness. Only people with sound mental health who are confident that a review of past events will not adversely impact their emotional or mental health should participate. We request that you do not participate in regression therapy if you or your treating practitioners have any past or existing concerns about your mental health. For any mental health condition please conduct a health professional like clinical psychologist or medical practitioner.

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