11 Selected Ways of Mindfulness For the Busy Leader

By SilkeCelia | Nov 29, 2017

“How should I decide? Wherever I turn to, the outcome is painful!”, a client I coach – a regional leader in…


By SilkeCelia | Aug 13, 2017

It was a great honor to be selected to be published in Elephant Journal. Elephant Journal is your guide to a mindful life:…

Have The Most Fulfilled Relationship – Archetype Quiz

By SilkeCelia | Mar 19, 2017

#1 Formula To Forget About Your Ex

By SilkeCelia | Oct 29, 2016

“What if I don’t like him?” A client asked me this question when I suggested circular dating as a way to…

3 Best Ways To Deepen Intimacy In Your Relationship

By SilkeCelia | Aug 6, 2016

Do you feel disconnected in your relationship? Naturally, we all want to feel cherished, loved, and connected, whenever we’re in a…

Frustration, Anger & Sadness: How To Shift Your Vibe

By SilkeCelia | Jul 26, 2016

Feeling frustrated, angry and sad in your relationship? These are not nice feelings. Yet it shows that you’re having these feelings…

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