How To Create Abundance from Scarcity in 8 Steps.

By SilkeCelia | Sep 9, 2018

Most people live with a scarcity mindset. In certain parts of the world, the population has a good reason to feel…

How To Find Your True Self: 7 Ways To Reveal it.

By SilkeCelia | Jul 29, 2018

How To Find Your True Self   Your true self is the part of you that is constant. It transcends your…

Career Crossroad: 4 Tips To Choose Right

By SilkeCelia | Jul 23, 2018

“Shall I stay in my comfort with my benefits or quit and change my career?, a client I coach – a…

Depression: The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship

By SilkeCelia | Jun 10, 2018

Entrepreneurship and Depression Entrepreneur depression is a fact, but not often talked about. The pressure to succeed and the fear of…

How To Be Grateful in Times of Need

By SilkeCelia | Jun 4, 2018

How Gratitude increases happiness When money is tight and you’re faced with worries, it’s not easy to see the bright side…

Spotlight: How Decision Making Works

By SilkeCelia | Jun 4, 2018

How We Make Decisions In this video you’ll get the basic knowledge how we make decisions in our professional and private…

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